Does your Home Need Debugging?

Finding bugs in your home is never fun. Finding bugs in your electronics? You might be a little shocked, dismayed, and horrified at the sight. Here is the story of a man with ants in his computer:

“It was 2 AM. I was in the living room of my apartment playing a game on my computer. I was awake way later than I should be. I had class in the morning. Suddenly, my screen goes blank. The abrupt change from being in my virtual world to the real world left me a bit dazed. I had a mixture of feelings. First annoyance, because I hadn’t finished the level I was on. Second, relief because now I can stop as I had been playing for too long.

But before I headed to bed, I needed to check why my computer died. I switched the light on. So it wasn’t the power. It wasn’t my monitor as I could see the indicator light on the bottom still dimly glowing orange. I got on my hands and knees and slid open the black computer case. In the dim light I struggled to view inside. There were grains of sand and something was moving. Still dazed, now moderately horrified and definitely confused, I grabbed a flashlight for a closer look.

There was an ant nest in my computer. A black stream of tiny ants flowing from the wall. The ants have placed white grubs and sand in the bottom of my case directly beneath my video card.  

I decided it really was time to go to bed. As I was falling asleep I resolved to contact my landlord about the ants.

Call your Pest Control Expert for Debugging

When pest control showed up, I learned about where ants live. Ants generally live underground in large nests, but sometimes they will build nests above ground. They build their nests in dark places. A mailbox or inside a computer tower are places ants might decide to build a nest.”

Ants can damage your sensitive electronics. When you encounter this problem, contact Infinite Pest, and we can deal with it for you.

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