Why hire an Exterminator in Orlando Fl

As homeowners, we are looking for ways to save money and perform do-it-yourself tasks. First, homeowners can perform easily by watching a how to video. The options are appealing financially to take pest control into your own hands. However, there are multiple reasons you should leave this job to the professionals.

Homeowners that try to get rid of spiders, cockroaches, or rodents on their own can only lead to more problems. In addition, you need to have a great deal of knowledge when using products to eliminate pests and how to kill them all. This article is to provide information on the risks of DIY pest control.

Top 5 reasons we don’t recommend DIY pest control/Extermination:

1. Waste of Money

These products can seem more affordable in the short term. However, you will have to continue purchasing them. These products are repellants and will kill on contact. Once another bug smells the pheromones from the dead insect, it will repel that one and go another direction.

Most importantly, you’ll be spraying products all around your home without results. Pest control service companies hold special licenses and certifications to treat for specialized pests. They have the knowledge required by the state to use professional grade products.


2. Time-Consuming

The professionals have a great deal of knowledge about products, how to use them, and pests’ behavior in your location. This would take a great deal of time researching the content online or in a library. You would need to know how to detect different pests and treat them. You will be spraying pesticides and cleaning for endless hours.

In addition, when you think you’ve killed the problem the next cycle of eggs hatch. The pest problem will resurface. Most importantly, you will need to seal up all entry points where the problem pest is entering. Professionals will know to seal entry points and assess the area to see all pests.


3. Products available to you are not the same as an Exterminator –

You can only purchase non professional products (repellants) from your local hardware store. These repellants only repel the problem and kill the bugs on contact. They do not kill off the queens of the colony or the eggs. To kill insects and rodents effectively, you need professional-grade products.

The products used by pest control experts are only available to licensed pest control technicians. Professional pest control companies are have the education needed to apply the products safely and effectively. Chemicals used to kill insects can be dangerous if they are not applied correctly.


4. Not Effective

To fully eliminate the colony, you will need to do more than just spray the insects. Pest control companies will use non-repellants to make the infestation go away. The specific products used will be customized to your home. The bugs will walk through the product, and it will be brought back to the nest, killing the entire colony.

The professionals will make sure you are educated as a homeowner on what you can do to prevent new infestations and will provide you with a substantial barrier around your home.


5. Safety

Products that are not meant for pets and children can be extremely harmful. You may not even know that over-the-counter products can be poisonous to your family. Hiring a professional is essential because they know that pets and children are important to your family’s safety.

When using poisonous products, it is essential to read the labels! Finally, insects and rodents themselves can be highly toxic. These pests are dirty and leave remnants of their bodily waste all over the home.

Exterminators in Orlando-

First off, Orlando, Fl has multiple exterminating companies fighting for your business. The Pest Control market is extremely saturated in this area. Some of these companies want to make a quick buck, while others value their customers and their families. Most importantly, know what to look for when hiring someone to service your home.

Tips on Hiring an Exterminator in Orlando, Fl-

  1. Reputation – Ask your neighbors and friends for a company they recommend. When researching companies, read third party reviews and see what other customers have to say. Read about other customers experiences and what they say about their treatment plan.

If there is a negative review, read how the company handled the situation. Even some of the best companies do not have perfect reviews, but a great company will ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. Services Offered – All companies in this industry provide different services find out exactly what the service includes. Some have a cookie cutter approach for all homes. While others offer customized plans based on your needs. It is important to do you research and know what is available.
  2. Licenses and Certifications – Find out what licenses and certifications they hold. All states are different in the requirements a pest control needs to provide services to customers. Find out what certifications they hold to ensure the technicians are educated in treating your home.

In conclusion, save yourself time and money. Leave Pest Control to the professionals and DIY another project. Infinite Pest Solutions has a reputation we can be proud of serving Orlando, Clermont, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples