At the base of the palm trees, the ground boils red. As a roiling mass of 1 million red dots are marching across the ground. It looks like a wave of red contrasting with the ocean’s waves of blue. Upon closer inspection, we see it is a six-legged scarlet swarm of insects. Orange might be the state color of Florida, but lately, it is being threatened by the color red.

The color red signals danger. Stoplights are red. They mean stop because there is danger. Consequently, it is little surprise, red ants are dangerous. Their bites are painful. They are a danger many Floridians are aware of.

Florida is a great place all year and especially during the summer. The warm temperature and humidity make it an ideal place for insects to thrive.


According to The University of Georgia, fire ants are widespread in the southern United States. Nearly every southern state in the United Stats has reported cases of fire ants with more than 2/5 of the contentment United States having cases of fire ants. Over half the west (California and Oregon) and east coast (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware) of the United States have reports of fire ants. Arizona is the only southern state not reporting fire ants. The biggest continuous block of fire ant reports is from New Mexico ( through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama) to Florida. The distance spanned by part of the ants’ territory (New Mexico to Florida ) is nearly 1800 miles. That distance would take 27 hours to drive.

Fire Ants Bite and Burn

According to OSHA, Fire Ants attack anything they see as a threat. The attacks are most likely caused when something disturbs their anthill. Fire ants use their jaws to clamp down on skin. A stinger on their backsides injects venom.

It takes between 24 and 48 hours for the sting to become a blister-like sore called a pustule. The stings hurt and the pain can last for a while.

Does Vinegar Kill Fire Ants

There are different types of traps you can make to kill fire ants. Many people like to try vinegar.  

Vinegar is a moderately strong acid with a PH of 2.4 (with 7 being neutral). Acetic acid is the scientific name of vinegar. Vinegar is used for cooking and cleaning. A 5% concentration of vinegar is used in cooking. Cleaning solutions use a 6% concentration of vinegar.  

How Effective is vinegar against fire ants

Does vinegar kill ants when applied to an anthill? The answer is no. Ants are not killed by vinegar. The vinegar might temporarily change how they navigate, but it will not kill them.

Ants navigate by smell. They follow a path of scents. Breaking this path causes the ants to lose their way. Vinegar has a strong scent and works as a cleaning agent. Both of these facts may explain some of the mild positive effects vinegar accomplishes against red ants.  

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