How to store food to eliminate pantry pestsNo one wants to see anything other than cereal and snacks when they open the pantry door, but these piles of food are too delectable of treats for pantry pests like weevils and beetles to ignore. The stuff of nightmares, pantry pests can take up residency in your favorite foods, rapidly reproduce, and cause an infestation too large to handle.

Pantry pests don’t appear out of thin air. They sniff out your food with a few simple clues that you leave for them. These prevention methods can prevent your home from sending the signal to pantry pests.

Store Food Properly

We’ve all tossed the chip bag back in the cupboard without little thought, but you may want to think again. Without proper sealing, bugs can wriggle their way into your food, begin a feeding frenzy, and infest your pantry. Store bulk items, like oats and nuts, in air-tight containers, and opt for chip clips for bags. Investing in good proper storage containers and devices now could prevent headaches and pest discoveries later.

(Pro snacking tip: Store bagged foods like chips and cookies in the freezer or refrigerator to protect food from animal scavengers. A fridge’s seal acts as an air-tight container. Plus, snacks taste better out of the fridge! Trust us on this.)

Keep It Clean

Starting at the store, inspect each package or piece of produce before placing it in your cart. Make sure no bugs have crawled into your perishables and be mindful as you put food away. Clean, seal up, and store food on high shelves to prevent an attractive option for pests. Regularly clean out your pantry, too. This will avoid old snacks, crumbs, or spills from becoming welcome buffets.

Seal Up The Openings

Inspect the backs and fronts of all your cupboards for holes and gaps that pests could crawl through. These should be sealed immediately. Then, examine your entire kitchen for similar issues. Look at doorways, pipelines, and windows for the biggest culprits. Finally, occasionally check your containers and clips to ensure they are sealing your food properly. You could have a lock-tight house, but with improper food storage, bugs just might find their way in.

And If That Doesn’t Work…             

No matter how well you protect your home from potential invaders, pests just might find a way to wiggle their way into your favorite cheat day snack. You need knowledge and experience to combat pantry pests, so trust our experts. With the latest in pest-control technology and eco-friendly chemicals, we can hit a pest infestation at its core and protect your home from further damage. Call us when pantry pests become unwelcome guests.

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