Florida homeowners take pride in their lawns.

Florida neighborhoods have some of the best lawns in the world. Lawns provide the perfect environment to enjoy ones property. A beautiful lawn is more than decoration, it is functional for gatherings such as weddings, 4th of July celebrations, barbecues and graduations.  

Lawns are susceptible to damage from numerous pests. There are numerous types of pest which can do damage leading to dead lawns and brown patches. Some pests damage small sections while other pests can damage large swaths of the lawn. Lawn pests aren’t just insects. Mammals like moles and voles do damage as well. Additionally, some predators will damage lawns while searching for prey in lawns. 

Here are 2 common pests in Florida that will damage your prized yard.

Mole Crickets

Mole Crickets originally came from Europe in the 1800s. They are one of the most damaging pests and are able to live both above ground and beneath it.  

Mole crickets create tunnels under the lawn to move around. Mole crickets consume the leafs of grass when above ground and the roots of grass when in their tunnels. Tunnels create erosion damage to lawns.  

It is possible to discourage mole crickets from taking up residence on your property by introducing Larra Wasps. Lara wasps like certain flowering plants like Chamaecrista fasciculata, and Pentas lanceolata. Both plants are cheaper than using chemical treatments and are low maintenance.

Removing mole crickets is challenging because the mole crickets are difficult to find. It is recommended that a professional is called to deal with this pest.   

Chinch Bugs

According to University of Florida, chinch bugs do millions of dollars of damage every year. These little pests are hearty and remain active during Florida winters. Cinch bugs are miniscule measuring around 6 mm. The adult bugs have a black body.

The bugs damage grass by feeding on grass sap. In large numbers, they feed on a patch of grass. The grass turns brown then dies. Once the chinch bugs kill a patch of grass they move on to a new section of lawn.   

These bugs are hearty and difficult to eradicate. It is recommended to call a professional who has the knowledge and skill to remove them and save your lawn. 

If your lawn isn’t as green as you like, give our lawn care specialist a call. We are passionate about landscaping and pest removal. Our staff are knowledgeable about all types of lawns and plants in the area. We know what plants need to make them and keep them healthy.  

If you suspect lawn pests are killing your grass, it is important to get professional help, because it won’t get better on its own. Our specialist can prevent further damage to your lawn.

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