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Infinite Pest Solutions in Clermont, FL understands the struggle with pests in the area, because we live here too. We are a small locally owned company proud to provide a safe and professional approach to traditional Clermont pest control.

Overall, Central Florida residents trust our Clermont pest control services to keep their homes pest free.

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      The Peaceful Getaway in The Sunshine State

      There’s something peaceful about Clermont. While Orlando may have its theme parks, and St. Petersburg has its nightlife, Clermont is a quiet escape within the Sunshine State. Its many family-friendly attractions and dedication to preserving Florida history make it the perfect destination for quiet vacations with little fuss. Here’s just a glimpse of what it’s like to explore this hidden gem.  

      Walk Through Florida’s Citrus History

      There are many things Florida is known for, and oranges are by far the tastiest. Here in Clermont, you can enjoy fresh fruit and learn more about this ripe citrus history at The Showcase of Citrus. Located in the rolling hills of Clermont, the showcase has been family-owned since its founding in 1989. Visitors can explore and taste more than 50 varieties of oranges that have made up the showcase’s storied history. Try it at your own pace with a U-Pick tour, or hop on the monster truck for something with a little more excitement! 

      Take a Trip Back in Time

      The Clermont Historical Village offers visitors a snapshot into Floridian life from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. It features two homes from local families, an old library, and a depot building, each preserved from Father Time to create the perfect doorway to the past. Open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons, the Clermont Historical Village is the perfect spot to stop at after lunch for a quiet afternoon of discovery. 

      Cool Down at Waterfront Park

      Grab your swimsuits and head on down to Waterfront Park — one of the best family spots in Clermont! With a jungle gym, paved basketball court, beach access, and a splash pad, there are dozens of ways the whole family can enjoy Waterfront Park. The park also features pavilions and an amphitheatre, which are great for your next outdoor party or city events. Plus, local wildlife can be seen from the walking paths and docks. It’s a perfect way to ensure everyone finds something they want to do without having to split up! 

      Learn More About America’s Commanders in Chief

      Florida may as well be known as the roadside attraction capital of the U.S., and it just so happens that one of the oldest and most unique attractions can be found right here in Clermont. The Presidents Hall of Fame pays homage to the United States’ highest political office. As you tour around, you’ll catch glimpses of historical artifacts, clothing, china, and more used and owned by the residents of the White House and their families. The presidents are even perfectly replicated with wax figurines! You may never get a chance to meet a president, but you can see their wax versions of them at The Presidents Hall of Fame. 

      Proud to Call Clermont Home

      There are so many businesses, attractions, and natural sites that make Clermont the best place to call home. At Infinite Pest Solutions, we are proud to serve Clermont and the surrounding communities, and we are honored to be part of the growth and tradition of this storied town. We hope you find time to explore our town this summer, and when you need to protect your home from pests, be sure to give our team a call. 

      (407) 537-9357