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Infinite Pest Solutions is the #1 rated Naples pest control service by Google users.
At Infinite Pest solutions, we pride ourselves on being the trusted local professional pest control service. You can expect exceptional customer care and an unmatched overall service experience. Call today if you are having pest problems and to find out why we’re rated #1 in Naples.
Infinite Pest Solutions knows your time is valuable. You and your family are at the top of our priority list from start to finish. We understand your needs and are here to solve your pest/rodent concerns.

We pull out all the stops to ensure that you get the best value for your money. First, we inspect the property during each service and then we create a customized plan for each service based on past issues and any current activity.

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      Why Naples is The Best Place to Call Home

      Situated in southwest Florida, Naples was a destination long before it became a beloved city. Naples was reminiscent of its sister Italian city, whose bays reminded its European settlers of home, and its reputation has since grown to include a rich history of fine living and eco-tourism. Those who prefer to hike through the Everglades will find just as much of a sanctuary here as those who choose to spend their Saturday evenings sipping on local, well-crafted wine. 

      We’ve always believed Naples is a special place, and throughout our years exploring and living in this region, we have found there to be a few local spots that make Naples one of the best places to live in Florida.

      Lowdermilk Beach

      Consider Lowdermilk Beach a must-visit family destination. This is one of our favorite ways to waste away a Saturday afternoon. In addition to white beaches and flowing ocean waves, families can enjoy a concession stand, two children’s play areas, sand volleyball courts, and gazebos. The park also includes shower and restroom areas, so don’t worry about dragging the beach home with you! 

      Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South

      Downtown Naples can be split into two regions: Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South. Depending on the type of entertainment you’re looking for, you may choose to explore either one of these destinations. 

      Third Street South is the perfect spot for the eclectic and laid back adventurer. Considered the birthplace of Naples, this region is close to the city’s famous 19th Century Naples Pier and within walking distance of old-world glamour, dining, and shopping. Start your day at the farmers market, or settle in for a quiet breakfast at one of the region’s cafés, restaurants, coffee shops, or bakeries. You could even stroll through the local shops and stores, too! At Third Street South, luxury meets historical charm. 

      If you’re looking for a more upscale experience, Fifth Avenue South is the place to visit. Known for its fine dining and world-class shopping experiences, Fifth Avenue South is what gives Naples its reputation for being a luxurious city to visit. Walk among the artwork that lines the city’s walkways or soak up cool Gulf of Mexico breezes as it sways through greenery. When you’re looking for entertainment, don’t forget to check out a local art gallery or visit this region during one of its festivals! 

      Natural Adventures

      When you’re done relaxing at the beach and touring around downtown Naples, your next must-do has to involve exploring our natural habitat. Located just an hour away from the Everglades National Forest, Naples wildlife and natural beauty is world famous. 

      Start easy and explore natural flora at the Naples Botanical Garden. This is the perfect spot to walk with your sweetheart. Then, take the family to the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. It may be small, but the zoo isn’t lacking in tropical and unique wildlife. Plus, it’s a local organization known for its education and wildlife preservation. 

      Finally, you can rent a kayak or paddle board and float through sloughs and the ocean. Naples Kayak Company has you covered with rentals, and they even offer touring guides. Explore with a pro, or check out your favorite spots on your own! 

      More Than a Destination

      We are proud to live and work in Naples. It’s a gorgeous city built with character and full of history. If we can help you protect your Naples home from pests and rodents, please contact us today.