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Pest Control Orlando Florida

Infinite Pest Solutions is the #1 rated Orlando pest control service by Google users.
At Infinite Pest solutions, we pride ourselves on being the trusted local professional pest control service. You can expect exceptional customer care and an unmatched overall service experience. Call today to find out why we’re rated #1 in Orlando.
Infinite Pest Solutions knows your time is valuable. You and your family are at the top of our priority list from start to finish. We understand your needs and are here to solve your pest/rodent concerns.

We pull out all the stops to ensure that you get the best value for your money. First, we inspect the property during each service and then we create a customized plan for each service based on past issues and any current activity.


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      Tour Orlando Like a Local

      Enjoy Our Central Florida City Without Disney World

      Orlando is world-famous for many reasons. The magic of Disney World never ceases to amaze visitors and locals, while Seaworld guides us through the mystery of the world’s oceans. Likewise, don’t forget Universal Orlando Resort, which brings our favorite movies to life. In short, there’s a reason why Orlando is known as the Theme Park Capital of the world!

      However, like any local will tell you, that’s not why we love serving this community. From thick black hammocks to a vibrant downtown life, living like the Orlando locals do can be just as fun as an afternoon at Disney or on a dizzying Universal Studios ride. Given that, try some of our favorite spots!

      The Orlando Urban Trail

      Experience downtown Orlando with a bicycle on this three-mile trail. In the same vein with a city-wide and 45 miles long network of trail systems, the Orlando Urban Trail offers riders an easy path to tour some of the city’s greatest sites. You can pedal around six different lakes and catch glimpses of some of Orlando’s best downtown sites, for instance. Definitely check out the trail and other paths at

      Leu Gardens and the Audubon Park Gardens District

      For more than 60 years, Leu Gardens has served as a preservation site for flora of all kinds. Here beautiful blossoms and looming trees invite you to explore Florida’s plant life and landscape. Likewise, the gardens are also near the Audubon Park Gardens District. In the middle of the cutest part of town, you will find unique shops, can sip on a locally-crafted brew, or enjoy some of the greatest dining in Orlando!

      The Orlando Murals

      It’s impossible to tour around Orlando without getting lost in our local murals. Whether you prefer realistic depictions of wildlife in central Florida or prefer cartoon and abstract styles, Orlando’s artists have painted unique and fun creations all across the city. For example, pose for a few family photos in front of your favorite ones, or turn mural spotting into a scavenger hunt. Can you snap a photo in front of them all? This guide by Lemon Hearted will help!

      Experience Downtown Orlando at Night

      Our theme parks may be busy, but no place is as electric at night as downtown Orlando! When you’re ready to settle in for a bite to eat, look no further than a few local hotspots. For example, check our Kres Chophouse for date night, visit Tin and Taco for a quick bite and some great local brews, or check out 310 Lakeside for casual food with an impressive view. And this is just a sampling of what you can expect downtown! You have to explore it for yourself.

      Orlando Balloon Rides

      For the grand finale of your Orlando adventure, check out Orlando Balloon Rides. Just as the name suggests, you will be treated to bird’s eye views of this gorgeous city, all from the comfort of an easy-gliding hot air balloon! Furthermore, each flight is different from the last, offering you a one-of-a-kind view of “the city beautiful!” (Balloon operators are FAA compliant.)

      Tour Orlando Like a Local

      In short, there is so much to love about this city! There’s the magic of Disney right in your backyard, of course, but we know all that it’s the local secrets that make Orlando one of the best places to live. It is our honor to help the citizens who call it home every day. Therefore, if we can help you with your pest control, prevention, and extermination needs, please call us today.

      Maximum Effectiveness, Minimal Toxicity. Guaranteed!

      Infinite Pest Solutions is passionate about delivering the highest level of service quality with our pest control options. As a result we always use the latest, top-of-the-line equipment and products that are safe for your family and the environment.

      The Best Warranties in Southwest Florida

      Orlando Rodent Control Is Our Specialty

      Rodent and Pest Control in Orland Florida can be tricky. For instance, trying to keep rats out without adequately sealing all entry points; is an uphill battle. As a result, Infinite Pest Solutions of Orlando has developed comprehensive pest control inspections and service schedules to effectively rid your home of Rats. Living in Orlando does not require you to live with rats. We have the solutions to stop rats in their tracks, immediately. Infinite Pest Solutions of Orlando can rid your home of rats by utilizing a variety of tactics. First, we start with an inspection of the property; looking for entry points, past and present activity, and assessing areas to be addressed that may cause pest and rodent infestations. Here in Orlando we see a variety of common oversights that may lead to an increase in pest activity.

      Common Pest Attractions

      Orlando is full of tourist attractions with more than dozen theme rides alone; we know how rewarding it is to enjoy an attraction. Equally, the same is true for pests. Although they may not find the same rush on Infinity Falls as you might; they certainly enjoy other water features around or in your home. For instance, an upside down garbage can lid or children’s wading pool; are ideal locations for water to pool and lead to rodent invasion. Infinite Pest Solutions provides a comprehensive report of our inspection and service findings to help Orlando homeowners better manage their pest and rodent attractions. Overall, by reducing the number of “attractions” on your property and by effectively sealing entry points along with our rodent control schedule; we can guarantee your home will remain free of unwanted tourists.

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