Earwig with flat body

Earwigs are creepy, crawly, and small enough to hide all-around your home. They have pinchers attached to their backsides. They are one of the weirdest bugs you can find in your home. There is genuinely something unnerving about the weirdly muscular brown-black wriggling insects that are the earwig. Here is some information about earwigs you might not know.
These insects are generally harmless but can be a significant nuisance due to how frequently they move around your house.

Earwigs Squeeze Into Tight Spots

Earwig bodies are flat so that they can squeeze into tight places like the bark of trees. Also, they can squeeze into tight spots in your house, like under doors and gaps between floors, walls, sockets, and fixtures. The ability to crawl in most crevices means earwigs can live in your home underneath, above, and around you.

Earwigs Can Pinch You

Those hooks on the back of their bodies aren’t just for show. They work. The earwig’s abdomen is muscular to provide strength to the pinchers. Second, these pests use their pincers for defense and fighting. For instance, earwig males will fight over females using their pincers. The pincers can also hold prey. Lastly, the pinchers can pinch people. Males have more giant pinchers than females.

They are Nocturnal

Earwigs are most active at night. This is because they search for food while you are asleep, which means they might be searching around or on you while you are sleeping. This can be most problematic for people and children sleeping on the ground.

They Get in your Ears

There are cases of earwigs getting into people’s ears. However, these cases are uncommon. It is because these pests are active at night and can squeeze into narrow spaces.

Earwigs Have Wings

This pest has wings. They have two sets of wings, but for the most part, earwigs are unable to fly. Some species of earwigs are capable of flight, but they aren’t nimble.
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