Green grass in front of home with pest damageHome Infestations

An infestation can feel out of control, but you can prevent pests from overthrowing your home. Homeowners can prevent extensive, powerful pest colonies from destroying their homes. Homeowners must adhere to a simple yet effective maintenance tasks and trusting the help of experts who create targeted plans.
As the humidity increases and Florida pests look for better shelter, protect your home from potential invasions. Read these three prevention steps and protect your home from potential invasions this spring.

First, What is an Infestation?

Having a few pests in your home is troublesome but easily treated. The biggest problems occur when a few spiders or mice turn into an infestation. An infestation is when there are an overwhelming amount of pests in your home. The pests destroy your property and spread diseases. An infestation happens quickly, as pests reproduce fast and some gather in hordes. That’s what makes early prevention so important.

No. 1: Fill in the Gaps

Pests look for easy access points. An exposed exterior, like holes in your siding and gaps between the frames on doors and windows, is a welcome sign to all pests. Seal your home from potential invaders and regularly examine it for easy access points or vulnerable places. Pests will dig their way into your home if they find a weak spot or suspect you have food or materials they could use. Pests are animals of opportunity, and they will not hesitate to destroy to get what they want.

No. 2: Maintain Your Yard

This is one of the easiest ways to protect your home from pests — and it looks good, too. Unfortunately, bugs like dark, moist areas for shelter, and they often crawl through untamed bushes and grass, thriving in this environment. You can prevent this overgrowth by regularly mowing your lawn, removing standing water from your property, and maintaining the size and growth of your plants.

Our team at Infinite Pest Solutions can also treat your yard with carefully selected solutions designed to prevent spiders, wasps, ants, mosquitoes, and other bugs from calling your yard home. Each prevention plan is customized for a customer’s yard, ensuring that the solutions we use are targeting your specific needs. 

No. 3: Call a Pest Control Expert

A pest control expert can help you prevent an infestation in two ways. The first is by simply practicing prevention. Through the help of customized preventative compounds to inspections that provide you with specific action plans for prevention, pest control experts will help you think like the pests to keep these creatures out of your house. 

Once pests break into your home, the clock ticks on a possible infestation. Unfortunately, advertisers for do-it-yourself products downplay the impact just one critter can have on your home. These critters reproduce quickly, invite other pests into your home, and can cause severe structural damage to your house if not managed effectively and rapidly. You need an expert who can help you determine the source of the pests, resolve them, and prevent this infestation and others like it from happening, saving you time and money on repair and treatment costs. 

Don’t gamble with your home. Instead, prevent infestations from consuming your house by trusting the experts at Infinite Pest Solutions. Learn more about our options for prevention, and call us today to schedule an appointment.