DIY or Call an Exterminator in Orlando Fl

Why hire an Exterminator in Orlando Fl

As homeowners, we are looking for ways to save money and perform do-it-yourself tasks. First, homeowners can perform easily by watching a how to video. The options are appealing financially to take pest control into your own hands. However, there are multiple reasons you should leave this job […]

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Florida Bugs: Common Myths

Florida Bug FactsFlorida Bugs:

Floridians know a thing or two about bugs. The Sunshine State may be paradise, but it’s beautiful temperatures and beach views make it the perfect home to mosquitos, termites, and a large variety of spiders. If you’ve lived in Florida for a while, you know this! Do you know all […]

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Pest Control Service in Florida

Pest Control Florida Services – What You Need to Know as a Floridian

This article describes what you need to know about pest control services. Your home is your castle. It is where you are safe, where your children and spouse are safe. It is the place you get to relax after you do work. Now imagine your castle is […]

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Florida Lawns and Pests

Florida homeowners take pride in their lawns.

Florida neighborhoods have some of the best lawns in the world. Lawns provide the perfect environment to enjoy ones property. A beautiful lawn is more than decoration, it is functional for gatherings such as weddings, 4th of July celebrations, barbecues and graduations.  

Lawns are susceptible to damage […]

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