Frequently Asked Questions

Can I setup ACH?2020-07-16T21:17:19+00:00


Do I have to pay for the whole year up front?2020-07-16T21:16:22+00:00

Nope!  We can do pay-per-service, or level billing throughout the year.

Do you have an online portal?2020-07-16T21:17:47+00:00

Absolutely! You can click on the link from any of our emails where it says “customer portal” to login to your online account. You can update billing options, read service notes, and look for upcoming services.

Do you treat inside each time?2020-07-16T21:14:47+00:00

We will treat inside if there is ongoing activity, but generally we treat the exterior to prevent problems from coming in.

Do you use organic products?2020-07-16T21:10:36+00:00

We do have all-natural treatment options. We believe in being environmentally responsible. We use a simple approach, where We choose the least toxic products that are the most effective, to keep your home and family protected and pest-free.

How can I pay for service?2020-07-16T21:16:51+00:00

We are pretty flexible. Most people set up Autopay on a card or ACH.

How can I reach out to you?2020-07-16T21:18:21+00:00

We are available multiple ways:
239-208-9918 Fort myers
407-537-9357 Orlando
You can also text us at either number!

How long does the service take?2020-07-16T21:13:30+00:00

Initial service takes longer than maintenance services, but regular service is normally 20-35 minutes under most circumstances.

How often do you treat?2020-07-16T21:15:23+00:00

We offer multiple options, depending on your tolerance for pests. Some people request monthly, others do Every Other Month. Products can last 30-60 days, but break down due to UV rays, heat, and humidity. A more frequent service will better protect your home!

How will I know when you are coming out to service my home?2020-07-16T21:11:05+00:00

We will send a notification before each service to remind you, as well as a service ticket documenting what work was performed. We are also required by Law to put up a yard sign indicating service.

Is your treatment safe for my kids?2020-07-16T21:09:56+00:00

Products are people and pet friendly.

Is your treatment safe for my pet?2020-07-16T21:09:24+00:00

All of our products are people and pet friendly.

What do you do at each service?2020-07-16T21:13:55+00:00

Knock the door
Inspect the home To determine what needs done
Spot treat the yard
Treat perimeter of home
Treat eaves
Remove spider webs
Knock the door

What don’t you do?2020-07-16T21:12:53+00:00

We do not do fumigation, wildlife trapping (raccoons, possums, moles, snakes, birds). Love bugs, no-see-ums. Lawn and Ornameltal pests, weed killer, fertilization, palm tree injections.

What types of things do you treat for?2020-07-16T21:12:02+00:00

We provide many options, and the service is customized to your home.We provide GHP, termite bait stations, rodent, spider service (etc) Mosquito, depending on what you want for your home.

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