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Your Pest Control FAQs Uncovered 

What types of pest control services do you offer?  

We offer a comprehensive range of pest control services to address common pests in Southwest Florida and Orlando, including but not limited to, Termite ControlAnt ControlSpider ControlRodent ControlMosquito Control, and Cockroach Extermination 

Are your pest control methods safe for my family and pets? 

Absolutely. The safety of your family and pets is our top priority. We use environmentally responsible methods that are proven to be safe for both humans and animals. Our technicians are trained to implement these methods effectively while minimizing any potential risks.  

How often should I have pest control services done?  

Optimal pest control service frequency varies depending on factors such as pest type, infestation severity, seasonal changes, and your specific location. In Florida, where pests are active throughout the year, we recommend scheduling pest control services bi-monthly to maintain continuous protection for your home against general pests. However, certain conditions might necessitate more frequent visits. Rest assured, we are committed to customizing a pest management plan tailored specifically to your individual needs, ensuring your home remains safeguarded against pests year-round. 

Do you handle termite infestations?  

Yes, we specialize in termite detection, treatment, and prevention. We are Certified Sentricon Specialist allowing us to effectively safeguard your property and home. Therefore our comprehensive termite control services include detailed inspections, advanced bait systems, and proactive preventative treatments, designed to shield your property from future termite infestations efficiently. 

Does Infinite Pest Solutions offer the Tubes-In-Wall treatment for my home?  

Yes! We provide annual replacements during the dry season to ensure optimal effectiveness and protection for your property. 

What should I do to prepare for a pest control visit? 

Preparation can vary depending on the service. For general pest control, we typically ask that you remove any pet food, water dishes, and children’s toys from the areas being treated inside the home such as baseboards.  

How long do I need to stay out of my house after treatment? 

This can vary based on the type of treatment applied. Some treatments require no time away from home like our General Pest service. We will provide you with all the necessary information regarding safety precautions when you call our office! 

What makes your pest control company different from others in the area? 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, quality service, and environmental stewardship sets us apart. Furthermore, we employ local experts who are familiar with the unique pest challenges in Southwest Florida. Our use of cutting-edge technology and methods ensures effective and efficient pest management, and our personalized approach ensures that our services are tailored to your specific needs.  

 Do you offer any guarantees with your services? 

 Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Nevertheless, if pests return between our regularly scheduled visits, we will come back at no extra charge to address the issue. Our goal is to ensure your home remains pest-free.  

Are your technicians certified and trained?  

Yes, our technicians are fully certified and receive ongoing training in the latest pest control techniques and safety protocols to ensure they provide the best service possible for your home. 

How can I get a quote for pest control services? 

You can receive a free, no-obligation quote by contacting us via phone, email, or through our website. We may need to conduct an initial inspection to provide an accurate estimate, which we can schedule at your convenience.  

What parts of Florida does Infinite Pest Solutions service? 

We offer the best pest control solutions in Southwest Florida from Punta Gorda down to Marco Island this includes Naples, and Fort Myers. In addition, we have expanded to the Orlando area.  

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