Black Widow with red hourglass hanging from webSpiders in Florida:

In this article, our team has gathered information on the most common questions people have about Black Widow Spiders. First of all, the Black Widow Spiders can intimidate most residents in southwest Florida. Have you heard that they have the deadliest bite and eat their mate after reproducing? They are the most dangerous spider in Florida, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture. Florida is home to 4 species of the venomous Black Widow: the southern black widow (Latrodectus mactans), the northern black widow (Latrodectus variolus), the red widow (Latrodectus bishopi), the brown widow Latrodectus geometricus).

Identify a Black Widow Spider:

When identifying Black Widow spiders, know that the females can be between 12-16mm long with a spherical abdomen. The abdomen of a black widow female spider is shiny, black, and has a red hourglass marking. This widow spider has eight eyes arranged in two rows of four and has relatively poor vision. In addition, the most common misconception of the female black widow spider is that she kills the male after mating. This mating ritual is a myth and an uncommon result. Male Black Widow spiders are only between 5-10mm long, have yellow or red spots or bands on the back or sides, and are not considered a human threat. Most importantly they will breed by the hundreds, and it’s important to not allow them to invade your home. 

What to know if you get bit by a black widow:

A common myth is, the Black Widow Spider is well known for having a deathly bite. However, the Black Widow Spider bite is not as deadly as most people believe. Additionally, the bite can cause severe symptoms depending on multiple situational factors. The Black Widow Spiders venom is a neurotoxin and alters nerve cell structures functions without producing any localized effects. As a result of a bite, symptoms generally start from 1-8 hours after the bite. The bite can be extremely painful. Most importantly, you need to contact a medical provider as soon as there has been a known bite.

Black Widow’s web:

When identifying Black Widow webs, you will see them built in irregular patterns. In addition, they often have a chaotic look much different than the standard web appearance. In addition, the female spider will create a web with a retreat at one of the top corners. Most importantly, she stands alert to strike and defend the territory quickly. She is very protective over her young and will stop at nothing to defend them. 

Most importantly, the eggs are distinctive sacks that are pale yellow, round, and are extremely strong. The Brown Widow’s eggs are easily identifiable with spikes all over the eggs and is how you identify what type you are seeing. In addition, once you identify the eggs proceed with caution and call an expert to eliminate them. Lastly, if you notice a black or brown widow web and spider eggs, call us immediately before you have a spider infestation.

Black Widow Spider’s Habitat:

In conclusion, Black Widows have a significant food source living outdoors that consists of; live insects, spiders and arthropods, and other members of their species. However, these sneaky spiders will hide in your garage or other dark places. Black widow spiders prefer dark, closed areas such as; crawl spaces, water meter compartments, and other crevices. Check your garbage can handle, gardening gloves, and other dark gaps before inserting your hand. Finally, remember they typically only bite when they feel backed into a corner and threatened. 

Prevention of Black Widow Spiders Invading your Home:

Most importantly, here is a helpful list of actions you can take to help eliminate unwanted guests. This extra caution can help keep you safe and enjoy your Florida lifestyle.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary clutter where spiders can hide.
  2. Routinely clean your home and eliminate webs and eggs with a vacuum. 
  3. Place sticky/glue traps around entry points to the home.
  4. Spiders are often found around the outside perimeter of a structure and move indoors as winter approaches. You can reduce the migration indoors by eliminating hiding spots. Move any firewood and debris away from the foundation. Trim or remove plants, trees, vines, or shrubs from touching the structure.
  5. Clean behind outdoor shutters and gutters frequently to eliminate spider webs and eggs. 

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Inspection of lanai/pool cage area

Clean and treat screens and structural supports

Spider, webs, and egg removal

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