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Floridians know a thing or two about bugs. The Sunshine State may be paradise, but it’s beautiful temperatures and beach views make it the perfect home to mosquitos, termites, and a large variety of spiders. If you’ve lived in Florida for a while, you know this! Do you know all there is to know about Florida’s bugs? We’re cracking a few of the common myths about Florida’s most prevalent bugs, so you have the knowledge you need to protect your home.

Florida Bugs: Termites

Myth: Once you eliminate a termite infestation, you don’t have to worry about another.

Fact: If only this were true. Once your home becomes the victim of a termite infestation, it can be just as welcoming for more termites. The worst part is that the termite infestation can be extremely difficult to pinpoint for the untrained eye. That’s why a regular termite inspection is so important. Experts can spot signs of a possible termite colony before they turn the bones of your home into toothpicks.

Myth: Termites serve no purpose.

Fact: Termites are actually very helpful in nature! They eat away at downed trees and prepare the forest floor for new plants. That’s why deforestation can be so devastating to termite colonies and your home. Without a food source, termites look elsewhere, and your home becomes the buffet. Our team is committed to protecting the environment and natural termite colonies by only using the latest and safest products in your home and eliminating this Florida bug.

Florida Bugs: Mosquitoes

Myth: Bug zappers are effective at controlling mosquitoes.

Fact: Think again before you hang up the bug zapper. While these electronic tools are great for killing moths and spiders, they do little to deter mosquitoes. That’s because the zapper is actually killing the bugs that will eat the mosquitoes. With less prey to hunt them, mosquitoes will go for the all-you-can-eat buffet: You!

Myth: Mosquitoes will bite you more if you eat certain foods.

Fact: Mosquitoes do have preferences, but they’re not spicy or sweet. Actually, they prefer people with blood Type O! Researchers have discovered that mosquitoes are more attracted to people who have Type O blood than any other variety, but no research can pinpoint certain foods that you consume as attracting more mosquitoes to you. However, some studies have linked beer consumption with more mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes are the ultimate buzzkill, but they don’t have to be. Preventative treatment from a pest expert can protect your Type O friends and the beer drinkers! We can help eliminate this Florida bug, call today for a service quote. 

Florida Bugs: Spiders

Myth: Spiders like to bite you.

Fact: Spiders get a bad rap. A small amount of arachnids in your home can actually help keep your home free of mosquitoes, moths, and other creepy crawlies. That’s what spiders want to bite – not you! Spiders that bite typically only do so as a defense mechanism, and if one does bite you, don’t panic. In North America, only a bite from a black widow and a brown recluse should be reason for concern. 

For as helpful as spiders can be, an advanced infestation can cause a lot of problems. We have the solutions to help rid you of this Florida Bug.

Myth: You swallow spiders while you sleep.

Fact: You can swallow spiders as you sleep, but you probably don’t. Most spiders don’t like to crawl where their food won’t be. So, unless you have other bugs in your bed, which is a very different infestation issue, you can rest easy knowing your body isn’t playing host to spiders in the middle of the night.

Fact: No Matter What Kind of Bug Problem You Have, We Have The Solution

From termites to spiders, our team at Infinite Pest Experts has the experience and up-to-date tools to keep your home and yard bug-free. Contact our team today to learn more how to get rid of these Florida bugs!

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