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Providing our neighbors in Cape Coral the Best in Pest Control and Termite Protection Services. In Cape Coral, Florida our waterfront community can also be an ideal home for pests. Above all, Infinite Pest Solutions is your Trusted Local Cape Coral Pest Control Company. We offer a variety of Pest Control Solutions to fit the needs of each customer we serve. Call today to schedule an inspection with one of our Professionals.

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    Cape Coral Pest Control Services

    If you have unwanted guests in your home, such as ants, termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bugs, spiders, and rats, then it’s time you hired experts to get rid of them. Here at Infinite Pest Solutions, we deliver an exceptional level of quality with our pest control services. With this in mind our safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solutions can keep pesky pests away from your residential or commercial property.

    Another key point, ideally you want to hire the best service if you notice a pest infestation in your home. That said, Infinite Pest Solutions has years of expertise when it comes to offering professional Cape Coral pest control services to residents that are faced with ant, termite, cockroach, mosquito, bug, spider, and rat infestations.

    Locals Serving Locals

    First and foremost, locally owned and operated, we understand your pest control needs. Cape Coral has many common pest issues that we are familiar with after years of servicing the area. For example, you might experience the Formosan Subterranean Termites that are very destructive and love the warm, moist weather right outside your door. As you know, Florida is known for it’s warm tropical climate and along with that come mosquitoes that are a common problem with Cape Coral Residents.

    A frightening sight, you might encounter mole crickets, Palmetto Bugs, or even Biting Midges also known as “No-See-Ums”. All of which can find themselves calling your home, theirs. Although common, unpleasant bugs can be a fright to Cape Coral home owners but there is no need to worry! By and large, Infinite Pest has your back and can come take your house back for you.

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    General Cape Coral Pest Control

    As the best pest control company in Florida, we can deliver efficient and effective pest control solutions that enrich the lives of our clients. Our general Cape Coral pest control solutions can be used for the removal of all little critters that live in the basement, attic, and nooks and crannies of a house. 

    Your home maintenance plan should always include pest control. To sum up, when it comes to pest control, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, which is why we deliver household pest control solutions that are specific to your problem.

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    Cape Coral Pest Control

    Advanced Spider Service

    There are many different species of spiders and people are often afraid due to how they are depicted in the media. Although not all spiders are harmful, they’re still home invaders.

    Because of this, Infinite Pest Solutions has created the Advanced Spider Service to remove these problematic pests and keep them out. We don’t just spray and walk away, there’s a lot more that goes into it to make sure these little critters stay out for good. If you’re not sure yet, call us for a free quote!

    Finally, if you’re planning a special event, it’s always a good idea to have us come out and check for these little guys. For instance, spider web can really mess with the mood of a birthday party or special occasion, find out if you need services today!

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    Cape Coral Pest Control

    Florida Termite Protection Powered by Sentricon

    When it comes to termite control, the Sentricon Colony Elimination System is a proven product to remove the threat of termite damage.

    With this in mind, your Infinite Pest team is committed to ensuring your home stays protected year round. Between proven products and thorough inspections termites never stand a chance.

    5 Star Cape Coral Pest Control

    Above all, Infinite Pest Solutions is passionate about delivering the highest level of service quality with our Cape Coral pest control options. Therefore, we always use the latest, top-of-the-line equipment and products that are safe for your family and the environment.

    Maximum Effectiveness, Minimal Toxicity. Guaranteed!

    Ultimately, we pull out all the stops to ensure that you get the best value for your money. First, we inspect the property during each service then create a customized plan for each service based on past issues and any current activity.

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      A Perfect Day in Cape Coral

      When you picture Florida, you picture white sandy beaches, palm trees flowing in the breeze, and sunny afternoons on the ocean. So, when you picture Florida, it’s hard not to picture the paradise that is Cape Coral! With so many ways to relax, have fun, and experience the natural wonder we call home, how do you create the perfect Cape Coral day? 

      Well, we have the guide just for you! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite Cape Coral activities and places, creating a day you won’t want to forget without ever leaving home. 

      Start With a Walk in Four Freedoms Park

      First, there’s no better way to start the day than at Four Freedoms Park. With more than three miles to roam and a playground for the kids, Four Freedoms Park offers the perfect backdrop to sip your morning coffee! 

      Reel in the Big One With a Local Fishing Charter

      Secondly, with the ocean just outside your door, you would be a fool not to go fishing. Moreover, why not rely on some of our local experts while you’re at it? Each business will help you acquire a fishing license and provide the equipment and bait. Then, all you have to do is reel in your next big fish!  Be sure to check out some local favorites for pricing options! These include Jimbo’s Charters Fishing Guides, Reel Revenge Deep Sea Fishing Charters, and Cape Coral Fishing Charters, among many others! 

      Hit The Beach For A Relaxing Afternoon

      After you’re done taming the ocean, relax at the beach for a quiet afternoon. If it gets too hot, go for a swim! In addition, with Cape Coral’s position along the coast, the Yacht Club Public Beach is one of the best beaches in all of Florida! Most importantly, enjoy plenty of space and recreation at this large, clean beach. 

      End The Night With Great Dining Options

      Finally, your perfect day in Cape Coral isn’t complete without a visit — or two — to one our many fantastic restaurants. Each one offers its own spin on Florida classics while serving up dishes that will leave you full and counting down the days until you can eat there again. 

      If it’s seafood you’re craving, check out Fish Tale Grill. Owned and operated by Merrick Seafood, Fish Tale Grill features locally caught fish prepared by chefs whose creations have earned Fish Tale Grill the title of top seafood restaurant multiple times. Similarly, Lobster Lady is another can’t miss seafood spot, but there’s plenty of American fare to go around, too. Check out Rum Runners for steak, 10 Twenty Five for a blend of luxury and casual dining, or Fathoms for upscale dining and a great view. 

      Proud to Be Part of Cape Coral

      To sum up, we are honored to be one of the many businesses that calls Cape Coral home. Helping our clients protect their homes from pest invasions is our mission, but it’s the people of this city who have made this work easy to do. In conclusion, if we can help you or your family with your Cape Coral pest control needs, please contact us today. 

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