Rat hole in Florida homeRoof Rats

The Most Common Fall Pest Problem (And How to Prevent It!)

Roof Rats are the other pests that should concern you. Yes, the end of a warm summer isn’t the end of all pest seasons. Instead, it could be the start of a whole new issue.
Florida is world-renowned for its gorgeous year-long weather, and after a hot, sticky summer, a balmy fall is a welcome sight. But perhaps the best part of fall in Florida isn’t so much about the temperature; it’s that the mosquitoes seem to disappear!
Mosquito season wraps up in Florida around October unless we have had a stormy season. However, stray mosquitos will linger well past Halloween. When fall hits, the mosquitoes are the least of your pest worries.

Fall is the Season for Roof Rats

Typically, pest problems in the warmer months in Florida are found outside the home, whether that’s in the form of ant colonies overthrowing your sidewalk or termites gnawing their way through your deck and house.
Come fall, the dynamic shifts. As more bugs and pests die off due to the cool weather, others seek shelter. Rodents like opossums, mice, and rats will search for entrances into your home through holes, unsealed doors and windows, and plumbing or ventilation pipes. The tiniest intruders, like termites, ants, and spiders, will use foliage to reach those crevices.

Here’s How You Stop Them

Prevention is critical when it comes to battling pest infestations. If your home isn’t an option for shelter, rodents and bugs will look elsewhere, keeping your house pest-free.

  1. Start with your yard. Plants directly against your home can be a welcome sign to pests looking to crawl up through the plant and into any open crevice. Cut your grass regularly, trim back bushes and trees, and keep flower beds clear of sprawling weeds.
  2. Next, seal up your home. There could be tiny holes, cracks, and entrances all along the edge of your house. Begin with your windows and doors. Are they adequately sealed? Can you see light streaming in through the borders? If not, those spaces are open for invasion. If you can, they are beckoning rodents to slide through. Then look along with the siding of your home. If there are noticeable cracks or holes, fill them immediately. Professionals can help you determine if there are vulnerable spots in your foundation and roof as well. 
  3. Finally, eliminate food and water sources. Don’t leave buckets or tires with excess water inside lying around. Water commonly attracts mosquitoes, but it can also be a welcome sight to other pests. Ants and rodents are attracted to any food that is not tightly sealed. Keep your garbage locked up tight away from your home.

Call a Rat Exterminator Expert

At Infinite Pest Solutions, keeping your home rodent and bug-free is what we do every day – no matter what the season. But, as the fall weather sinks in, rodents are gearing up to find shelter. Professional prevention, intervention, and protection can be vital to ensuring your home don’t take on extra residents when the temperature drops below 80 degrees. Call or message Florida’s best pest control today for a premium review of your home and our best recommendations on how we can help you prevent a pest problem this fall!