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Have You Tried DIY Pest Control?

One scroll through Pinterest just might give you the false confidence you need to tackle pest control on your own, but in a battle of novice versus nature, Mother Nature will always find a way to win. Pests, vermin, and bugs are pesky little creatures. They have survived this long because they know how to get into the places they shouldn’t, find food sources almost anywhere, and multiply fast. When you take on pests, you’re taking on experts in survival. You can’t put up a fair fight when you go at it alone.

DIY Solutions Are Old Wives Tales for Pest Control

Have you ever heard old wives tales for predicting the gender of a baby before it’s born? Some people claim that if you tie string around a ring and hold it over a pregnant woman’s belly, the way it sways will predict if the baby is a boy or a girl. And, due to simple statistics, sometimes it’s right! But it’s not an accurate predictor of gender.

The same can be true about DIY pest control. Many old wives tales are more or less true occasionally. The most popular is that you can repel bees or wasps simply by pouring gasoline on an object. While some buzz-happy bugs may be repelled by the scent, this likely won’t be effective. (Gasoline can be a fire hazard. Please do not try this.)

When it comes to old wives tales, remember this: Some can be effective tools, but you don’t want to go to war with just a fork in your arsenal.

DIY Options Control The Symptoms, Not The Pests

When you go to the doctor for chest pains, they are not just going to treat your pain. In fact, many hospitals will run tests to determine the root cause of your condition and prescribe treatment that combats it.

DIY pest control is like taking ibuprofen for chest pains. Many tactics only scratch the surface of the issue by combating the symptom, not the cause. Putting out mouse traps, applying bug spray, and laying down rat poison only deter or capture the pests currently in your home. These products don’t get at the root of the cause as to why a mouse is in your home or why the mosquitos won’t stop biting. By finding the cause and treating it, you prevent further pests while solving the symptom and the issue.

You’re Not A Pest Control Expert

Playing on the medical analogy again, imagine performing your own heart surgery or filling your own cavity. Besides being painful, these actions don’t make much sense.

However, DIY pest control asks you to be the expert. Do you know the proper placement for mousetraps, or where to target the most intensive treatment to prevent bugs from reproducing? We wouldn’t expect you to – unless you’re a pest expert.

Pest control experts have a wide variety of knowledge on various species of pests and can determine the best course of action for your home. Whether it’s offering advice on the proper forms of prevention, or combating an infestation with multi-level approaches, pest control experts have the tools, experience, and methodology to tackle your pest issues and prevention wholly.

Stop fighting the war on your own. Go to battle with the trusted experts at Infinite Pest Solutions and put up a winning fight. Learn more about our prevention and control solutions and schedule your appointment today.

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