DIY Pest Control – Why This Isn’t the Solution

Saving money does sound nice but does saving money that never rids of a bug issue, still sound as appealing? The phrase, “You get what you pay for”, speaks volumes when it comes to Do It Yourself (DIY) pest control in Florida. If you are doing your own treatments at home, are you noticing the issue temporarily goes away but soon enough, you see the same problem come back? That is not unusual for DIY pest control and we are here to tell you why.

Why shouldn’t I do DIY pest control at my home?

  1. Very Short Term Resolution – Over the counter products can be deceiving. If you spray over the counter products at your home, it will help kill the insects that are sprayed directly, however, it does not allow for long lasting results.
  2. Never Treat the Root Cause – DIY pest control products will not treat the source of the pest problem which is why it is so common for the issues to remain active at your household.
  3. Health risks – Mixing different pest chemicals poses a great risk to your health and the environment. Contact our licensed professionals for safe and effective pest solutions.
  4. Wash Away – Many over the counter pest products used on the exterior of the home will immediately stop working once it makes contact with rain or water. Whereas the products we use, will bring long lasting results rain or shine, once the application is dry – our products will even uphold during a pressure wash!
  5. Mistaken Identity – It is possible that you believe you have an ant problem but instead are dealing with a termite issue. This makes a huge difference as one can eat away at your home versus the other that will infiltrate your home for food.
  6. No Guarantee – There is never a guarantee with DIY pest control, especially when using over the count products. With Infinite, we will guarantee your satisfaction and include follow up service requests, if needed.

Be sure to take the proper precautions if you are taking on the task of doing your own pest control. If you are not sure the issues you are dealing with and/or do not know the type of insect you are attempting to target, it’s always best to contact Infinite Pest Solutions for an inspection. Our trained and licensed professionals will be able to bring you the expertise and solutions that you need!